We specialize and continue to improve in our stipple/popcorn ceiling texture removal methods because every customers needs are different. We have mastered & perfected a dustless method to smooth out popcorn textured ceilings. This is extremely important for customers who have dust allergies. We have other various methods for popcorn stucco removal which can be tailor suited to the customers needs and wants. It can be a messy job that is why it is extremely important to keep up with the industry’s standards and requirements.. We specialize in popcorn (acoustic) ceiling stucco removal. While removing the ceiling stucco is one aspect of the job, skim coating the ceiling with joint compound is the skilled trade needed to ensure smooth, flawless ceilings.

While some homeowners may want to tackle ceiling texture removal on their own, it’s far better to leave this type of job in the hands of professionals who do this for a living every single day. The truth is, popcorn ceiling removal is a tough job and requires careful tactics and equipment in order to do it properly and reveal a smooth finish underneath.

Removing popcorn ceilings takes a lot of time and is very laborious. If you’re considering having your popcorn ceilings removed and replaced with a more modern finish, be sure to call upon the experts in this industry.


The decision to remove your popcorn ceilings and replace it with a much smoother, more modern surface is a smart one. There are so many benefits to this project, many of which you may not even be aware of. While you may be removing your popcorn ceilings in an effort to enhance the esthetics of your home or business, textured ceiling removal can offer you so many more advantages.

Popcorn ceiling removal will make it easier to keep the surface clean, eliminate any falling particles, minimize dust and spiders from inhabiting the crevices of the ceiling, and even eliminate any asbestos that may be present within the sprayed-on material. Certainly, there are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to remove your popcorn ceiling.



There are a handful of ways that popcorn ceilings can be removed, depending on the condition of the surface, the desired look, and whether or not there is asbestos present. Generally speaking, our process of popcorn ceiling removal will consist of the following steps:

Preparation: Protection the premises is the primary key. We will ensure that your home is sealed and covered from top to bottom with plastic and other wall/floor covering materials. This way all furniture all home items will be free from any dust or paint/splatter that may trickle away from our hands.

Scraping: With this method, we carefully scrape off the sprayed-on material in order to reveal a smoother finish beneath. This process involves softening the material first, then scraping it off using specialized tools.  This method can be tricky because it requires careful scraping in order to avoid damaging the surface underneath. Further, if there is asbestos present in the material, even more care must be taken while employing this method.

Covering with drywall: In order to get a completely new surface, some homeowners prefer that we lay ceiling drywall over top of the popcorn ceiling material. That way there is no risk of damaging the surface underneath, nor is there any danger of releasing particles of asbestos into the air.

Overlaying a new texture: Applying a quick-set drywall mud and bonding agent like joint compound over top of the popcorn ceiling material, then applying a finishing compound can also be done to create a smooth surface.

Paint: Applying water based primer coat to the drywall, then we apply a coat of paint based on color your choice.

Clean: Remove all materials, wall/floor masks. Sweep any dust and ensure home is left the same way it was before we started.

If you need to have your home’s popcorn ceilings removed, be sure to contact us for a free quote to do the job for you today!